Scotland or Bust

It’s only a few days before I fly across the pond and set foot on Scottish soil for the first time and I have been walking around with a grin for a week. Before then I was a bit nervous. I worried about the lenght of the trip. A month is a long time to be gone. Would I be homesick? How would I get from town to town? I’m spending ten days at a writing retreat.  Would I fit in, make new friends? Or would I feel awkward and shy? Would people think I am aloof and snobish? All these worries and more were creeping into my consciousness and making me question my decision.

So last week, when the anxiety was at its peak, I reached out to a friend. She is a hypnotherapist and we had a two-hour session. Since then the anxious feelings are gone and I’m left with the excited scerenety of a new adventure. I have been able to make some bit decisions the I was unable to do before, like rent a car. I had planned to take the train and bus so I didn’t have to drive but that would mean missing a lot of things along the way and carrying all my belongings to and from any side trips between cities.

Having a rental car broadened my perspective and I changed my route to include more side trips. Follow me as I make my way widdershins from Edinburgh, to Perth, and Aberdeen. I’ll stay in the Forres/Findhorn area a ten days and polish my writing mornings and nights while spendint my afternoons siteseeing. I see they have a couple of tattoo parlors in near by Elgin, will I come back with a celtic tattoo? After the retreat I’ll continue by exploring the the Isle of Skye and Oban before coming full-circle back to Edinburgh.

Stay tuned for posts and pics of Peg’s misadventures in the Scottish Highlands; goddess willing and the wifi don’t die. I’ll be tying on my ipad so you are likely to see some strange and ammusing auto corrections.