Daily Archives: June 15, 2015

A Place that Felt Like Home

After the distillery tour we went to dinner at the Craigolicky Hotel and then I checked in to the Ugie House in Keith for the night. It was a modest room but clean and had a nice view and a working window. Of all the towns I’ve visited so far this was the first one […]


Upland Magic Carpet

When I stepped out of my car to take a picture of an old shed on the side of the road, I landed on what I though was grass. Instantly I felt my muscles tighten to keep my ankles straight. I couldn’t feel the ground below the thick grass. It was as though I was […]


Here’s Mud in Your Eye

There are six whisky regions in Scotland and I’m currently in the North East region knows as Speyside. Speyside whisky is characterized by less smokey taste. Yesterday I toured Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown. Balvenie is owned by Glenfiddich and is on the property next door but is considered a superior whisky. Our tour started in the Malt room […]