Breakfast at Findhorn Marina

One morning I drove down to Findhorn Village and had breakfast at the Captains Table at the Marina. A mini Scottish breakfast consists of a friend egg, bacon (ham with crispy fat on the sides), sausage, toast and beans. I skip the beans and sausage (what I’ve had so far has a got a mushy mouth feel. I think its a finer grind than in the US.)

Then walked along the beach and took a few pictures of the boats along Findhorn bay. This first shot is of all the pebbles and shells that have washed up close to the walkway

The second picture was taken closer to the water’s edge and shows the beach at low tide with a mix of sand, shells and sea life.


Here you can see a few anchored boats are sitting on the beach due to the low tide. They will be happily bobbing along and the sandbars in the background will be covered with water by the time I post his blog.


Like a big kid, I couldn’t resist skipping from stone to stone on this concrete barrier. It divides the footpath from the beach.


These old rusty pilings must have supported a dock at some point. Now they are lovely totems. The one in the far right has little horns shooting out the sides. Could those be Findhorns?

This handsome couple, Sula and Fulmar, are right-side up and ready to cast out to sea.