Grapefruit and Rice Bowls

When I see grapefruit, I think of grandma McNeil and how she was forever on a diet! Carefully sectioned grapefruit was a breakfast staple, along side a perfectly poached egg.

The rice bowls under these grapefruit are older than me. Collected in the orient during the military years. Ours was an eclectic household, where nothing matched and no one noticed.

Still life with grapefruit and rice bowls

Grapefruit and Rice Bowls, Oil on board, 20″x16″ 2012

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  • pjkirk

    Thank you Christine. So far I haven’t been able to part with the Copper Kettle. It’s hanging in my living room.

    I’ve been focusing on landscapes for the past two years. You reminded me that I did a still life of flowers a few months ago. I need to post that one up here. 🙂

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