Copper Kettle

I have this piece hanging in my living room, a daily reminder of my love affair with copper. It started with a penny. As I grew, so did my collection of pocket sized art pieces. Of course they are all similar, but no two are exactly the same, and the best-of-the-best were tucked away. We handle dozens of dollar bills each week, but none hold the magic of a shiny new penny as it rolls out of the change machine.

In this simple composition, I juxtaposed a cool turquoise background with lighter warm hues in the foreground. The angled strokes of the background lead the viewer’s eye from the upper left to the lower right, where the thin handle is waiting to lift the eye up to the wooden handle then sweep it around and into the rich dappled surface of the kettle.

Copper Kettle

Copper Kettle, Oil on board, 20″x24″ 2012

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