Lone hiker

Telluride Hiker

On Sunday they rested. Not really, since we took a two hour hike instead. At least we took a break from painting. I didn’t do this painting in Telluride but rather from a photo I took while hiking back along the Bear Creek Falls Trail. When I started to draw this out in charcoal on my canvas, I initially left the figure out. Now that it’s done, I know I made the right decision leaving it in.

Hiker on a trail

Telluride Hiker, Oil on canvas 24″x 30″ 2016

Giclee Print, 16×20″ archival print.

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  • My thought on where this painting takes me. I love this painting, the soft way the last leaves barely hang on the tree, denoting the fragility of life and the ever changing world we live in. The hiker, trudging on, despite how fast the world is spinning.
    Your colors are so beautiful. My favorite in the soft colors that touch the sky.
    Great job! Keep throwing your knives Peggy!!!

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