My creative life

Making art is plugging into a powerful force that makes me feel whole. It’s a meditation, a spiritual download. I’m in an altered state. When I emerge, I have something on canvas that I can hold. Something to remind me of my journey, like a postcard from a distant land. The images I create allow me to share my travels; to let others, who may not have the luxury to travel, share in the experience.

Travel, whether it’s to a different city, country or dimension expands the mind. In the expanded mind, there’s more space for ideas. Most recently I found inspiration in the Rocky Mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. It was October; the yellow aspen were screaming against the cobalt blue sky. I was in Telluride taking a Figure in Landscape workshop. I completed a number of studies trying to capture the feeling of the place. Since returning to my studio I’ve done a series of paintings inspired by those studies and photos taken while hiking through the nearby forest.

My love for nature didn’t start in Colorado. It started many years earlier in Santa Cruz Mountains. My grandparents, weary of their bustling life in San Francisco, took a drive down Skyline and bought a tiny pink cabin in Boulder Creek. I spent my youthful summers at the cabin, roaming the redwoods, fishing for crawdads, and picking wildflowers.
After graduating high school, I moved into that cabin. I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains ever since. During that time I earned my BFA in Pictorial Arts from San Jose State University while working as a designer in Silicon Valley.

If you’re at one of my show, introduce yourself. Let’s talk about art. You can tell me where in the world you go for inspiration.