Claigeann is the Gaelic word for skull. This mirror image of a photo from my hike to the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Sky. I initially saw the scull with a grassy […]

Suidheachan is Gaelic for Bench. This bench is outside the walled garden at the Boath House in Nairn, Scotland. Gardens were originally enclosed by high walls to protect plants from animal and human intruders. But just as […]

Abhainn is Gaelic for river and dahm is Gaelic for stag. I combined these two Gaelic words to create the title Abhainn Dahm, The river moved like a wild animal pounding rocks under the bridge and […]

On a warm summer evening I walked along the colorful streets of Dublin to Temples Bar. Temple is the place you’ll find street musicians, a pub on every corner, colorful murals and tattoo parlors. Do you […]