On its own, this solitary bronze sculpture is a show stopper in an inconspicuous dirt path in the Cawdor Castle walled garden. When you get up a close to Orchid Tree bird feeder you notice it’s not just a decorative addition to the walled garden, it’s performing an important role in the ecosystem as well.  Scottish artist Illona Morris, must […]

How could anyone resist stalking this little Stalker? (Gaelic, Stalcaire, meaning Hunter or Falconer) I was 17-miles from Obin when I saw this magical site and nearly put the Corsa into a ditch.  Wee Stalker Castle is perched on a tiny rock island just waiting for Repunsel to toss her long braid out it’s tall window.  It was built […]

After exploring Inverness, we spent a day focused on writing and the follow day we took a coach (poshe word for bus) to Cawdor Castel. We ate a sack lunch on the grounds and then toured the castle interior. No photos alowed inside but the castle grounds were full of photo opportunities.   After three […]