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Wharf at Dusk

This was the first of the Santa Cruz Wharf paintings. The peekaboo of light through the wooden pylons gives it depth. The bright colors and repetition of form capture the excitement. This painting sings a happy carnival tune.  


Wave Walker

On a summer evening, there are always a few figures strolling along the shore. My goal was to capture the feeling of solitude; walking head down alone in the cool of the evening. In my reference photo is was hard to tell the humans from the reflections.


Devdut’s Wave

This painting started out as a quiet piece; a figure and their dog watching the sunset. Then out of nowhere a giant wave came rolling in. Try as I might, the two were swept out to sea and the waves not only swallowed the figures but the beach as well.  


Wharf Sunset

The sun was setting on the Santa Cruz Wharf after a Boardwalk beach concert.  I walked along beach street in a musical trance.The wharf lights were starting to glow. I snapped a few photos with my iphone. Final Painting

Telluride Tree Study Detail

Plein Air Studies

During Ying Li‘s The Figure in Landscape workshop we spent one day doing quick studies of the trees around the Ah Haa School for the Arts. Below are two plein air pieces done that day. The painting below was the third and final for that day. Ying gave us more time so the final painting is more complete. […]

figure in bathtub

Master Bath

Of all the places in the world I could be, if there’s a bathtub, you’ll find me in it. Here I was able to enjoy my two loves as once; applying lushes thick paint and lying in an enormous bathtub. The only really safe way to combine the two. I was stoked when the hugely different surfaces: skin, tile, towel and […]