The flight to Heathrow was my first on a two-story plane. I napped on the long flight to Heathrow. Outside the airport windows it looked dreary but not a surprise since everyone warned me as much. The airport looked like a shopping mal l and I perched myself at a seafood bar and feasted on […]

I was so excited to get off the tram, that I left my sweater. The porter heard me bang on the door and retrieved my abandoned sweater before the tram left the station. I walked a few blocks to my hotel to stash my bag and “get out in it” as my friend Jan likes […]

On this sunny morning the Royal Botanical Gardens were full of children running and parents chasing. The last of the blooms were on the azaleas and rhododendrons. Surprisingly the Gardens are free. Originally founded for medicinal plants in 1670, the gardens now exceeds 3 million preserved species. I opted to pay for the Glasshouse tour. […]