My climb up Jacob’s Ladder landed me at a monument to Robert Burns. These two characters were hanging out in the shade of a sycamore. I walked around the monument to see if I could get a shot with more light and stumbled into a small garden and then down to a cemetery. This is […]

Five years ago I had the pleasure to meet Gus at my friends Sam and Kelli Peacock’s BBQ. Gus was visiting from Edinburgh and we had a great chat out on the deck. I had the pleasure of his and his girlfriend’s company while I was in Edinburgh one night. We met at Joseph Pearce […]

The Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland, is known as the Royal Mile or High Street. Small alleyways and courtyards connect the surrounding streets. Allies are after memorable occupants or a trade of one the residents. A gated Alley was called a Close, derived from ˈkloʊs/, a Scots term for alleyway. Closes tend to be narrow with tall buildings on either side which […]

I had restless night with the heat. Like hotels in San Fran, in Edinburgh they don’t worry too much about air conditioning. My room is on the west side of the building and the paultry air conditioner can’t compete with the long setting sun. So after the red-eye flight, and a fretful first night, my second morning […]