Fiona is a hairdresser in Keith Scotland. Her husband Gaff is a farmer. They have two children, Sean and Megan. “I dun know why me children both have Irish names,” she laughs. She was born in Keith and has never been to the US and didn’t seem interested in going although, she said she wants to visit Canada some day so her husband can see how they farm.

While Fiona was blow drying my hair a woman walked into the shop. She had grey hair and they were facing each other talking in low voices. I noticed there profiles were similar. When they were done talking, Fiona said, “Bye Mum.” She told me her mum goes by and lets her dog out when she doesn’t come home for lunch.

She said she had colored her hair that morning. “I can just see my husband’s face, I went to work a blond and I’m coming home a copper.”

When my hair was done I told Fiona I was going next door to get a tattoo. She laughed and said, “most people just bring home a magnet.”