Week one in review

Today marks the beginning of week two in Scotland. So far I stayed in Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen and last night in Keith. If I had to pick a favorite city so far I would say my time in Edinburgh was the most memorable, but it’s the Scottish people and the countryside I find the most endearing.

In Edinburgh I heard every language; Spanish, German, Russian etc. The people are uninhibited and the architecture humbling. Aberdeen in comparison was more conservative. Most people outside Aberdeen don’t speak highly of the city. It’s called the granite city or the grey city. A bartender in Perth, a Glaswegian, said she lived there for three years but it was too sad.

I live in a very green area but nothing compares with the intense varied greens of Scotland. I see a new painting series inspired by the colors of Scotland in my future.

Tonight I cheking to Newbold house. For the next ten nights I will sleep in the same bed, or at least under the same roof, or on the same acre. I may end up on a couch or in the garden if my friend insomnia comes to call.

I expect things to slow down for the next ten days and I will focus more on writing and less on framing a good shot. I’ve taking over a 1000 pictures so far!  But I’ll be in a new city called Forres and we have a few outings planned; Site seeing in Inverness, another distillery tour, a castle, high tea and a boat trip on Loch Lomond to see Nessie. So my camera will still be at my side and I will post pictures most days.