A time saving device used in gesture drawings is blocking in the scull; using a flat plane for the face. Capturing the gaze is enough for a one-minute pose, anything more and you won’t get the whole body done. These quick studies help loosen up your arm and ground you in the art of seeing the whole image before moving […]

Suidheachan is Gaelic for Bench. This bench is outside the walled garden at the Boath House in Nairn, Scotland. Gardens were originally enclosed by high walls to protect plants from animal and human intruders. But just as important the also protect sensitive plants from wind and frost.

The country roads of Scotland are full of photo opportunities. The only problem is finding a safe place to pullover. Usually by the time I did the view I wanted to capture was a hike back in the opposite direction. I tried to take some while driving but those never turned out. It was tempting […]

Abhainn is Gaelic for river and dahm is Gaelic for stag. I combined these two Gaelic words to create the title Abhainn Dahm, The river moved like a wild animal pounding rocks under the bridge and below my feet.  

After I did this same scene Plein-Air, I took the sketch and some photographs back to the studio and did this larger painting. It helps to have the color reference and be able to recall the sounds and feel of the breeze. Which one to you like better, this one or the one I did on location; Findhorn Marina […]

I wouldn’t mess with this chick would you?  Did this sketch while looking in a mirror. It was the initial step for an oils painting. Contrary to the look on my face, I really was enjoying myself! Artist often use themselves as a subject matter. The benefit of doing a self-portrait as apposed to a portrait of someone […]

I was on my way from Aberdeen to Forres, in the middle of the Scottish Uplands, a hundred miles from the coast, but there were seagulls flying above. The hills on either side of the single track road were dark, barren and round like coastal dunes. When I saw this stream cutting through the jagged mountains, I […]

Feamainn is Gaelic for Seaweed and Tràigh is Gaelic for Beach. I found near deserted Coral Beach on the Isle of Skye. It’s a 25 minute hike in from the carpark but as you can see, worth every step. The sand here is crushed Maërl, skeletons of Red Coralline seaweed.

When I see grapefruit, I think of grandma McNeil and how she was forever on a diet! Carefully sectioned grapefruit was a breakfast staple, along side a perfectly poached egg. The rice bowls under these grapefruit are older than me. Collected in the orient during the military years. Ours was an eclectic household, where nothing matched and […]

After doing a dozen landscapes it was a treat to get back to my comfort zone, the figure. No model at hand, I used a mirror instead. In the early stages of a painting I decide what I’m going to try to accomplish, besides something pretty to look at. For this portrait I set about exploring warm […]

Oban, Gaelic for Little Bay, is one of the friendlies cities in Scotland. A very popular destination due to the frequent ferry service to Hebrides islands and called the “Gateway to the Islands.”  Oban is the only city built around a distillery, which is especially handy in a country with some of the strictest drunk driving laws. In December of 2014 they […]