Standing one-minute poses are something you’ll do at the start of most Life Drawing sessions. These quick sketches are usually done on cheap newsprint with vine charcoal. Vine charcoal is made from willow vines that have been burned at high temperatures. One of the big advantages of charcoal is how easily it can be erased. In this sketch. If you look […]

In September we had the first day of sun with no rain so I gathered up my  easel and headed down to the Marina. I walked around to the far side of the horn so I could capture the marina behind the mored boats. I had a few visitors walk by. All were very respectful […]

Working in charcoal is a good way to study light and shadow. Notice the little highlight under the breast and how it helps create volume. The body is actually the light source, its bouncing light back up into the breast shadow. In this sketch I’ve broken one of the cardinal rules of figure drawing; thou shalt not crop the head. What would […]

This is a small painted sketch I did in preparation for a larger painting, Badlands. In some ways I prefer this looser rendition to the more details version. Which painting would you rather look at; Badlands or Upland Stream?