On a summer evening, there are always a few figures strolling along the shore. My goal was to capture the feeling of solitude; walking head down alone in the cool of the evening. In my reference photo is was hard to tell the humans from the reflections.

This painting started out as a quiet piece; a figure and their dog watching the sunset. Then out of nowhere a giant wave came rolling in. Try as I might, the two were swept out to sea and the waves not only swallowed the figures but the beach as well.  

I was so inspired with the photos I took in Scotland that I created a series of these mirror image photos. To get one of these photos for your wall, just comment on the one you’re interested in. Would you like to see large versions of these in a gallery show? Watch my Scottish Reflections iMovie View higher resolution […]

Along the northeast coast of Scotland many of the beaches are covered in so many pebbles and empty muscle shells that you can’t really layout on the sand. Roseisle Beach just a few miles east of Findhorn Village is a lovely sandy haven. The Germans must have noticed this sandy shore too. To prevent foreign […]

After I did this same scene Plein-Air, I took the sketch and some photographs back to the studio and did this larger painting. It helps to have the color reference and be able to recall the sounds and feel of the breeze. Which one to you like better, this one or the one I did on location; Findhorn Marina […]

Feamainn is Gaelic for Seaweed and Tràigh is Gaelic for Beach. I found near deserted Coral Beach on the Isle of Skye. It’s a 25 minute hike in from the carpark but as you can see, worth every step. The sand here is crushed Maërl, skeletons of Red Coralline seaweed.

Oban, Gaelic for Little Bay, is one of the friendlies cities in Scotland. A very popular destination due to the frequent ferry service to Hebrides islands and called the “Gateway to the Islands.”  Oban is the only city built around a distillery, which is especially handy in a country with some of the strictest drunk driving laws. In December of 2014 they […]