It was sprinkling when I got to Balmoral Castle, outside Ballaster, so I took the shuttle instead of the ten minute walk. My feet were thankful for the rest and after the drive up the mountain I was happy to turn the wheel over to a more experienced driver and relax. Sorry to see this […]

Everyone I’ve asked about what I should see while I’m in Scotland has recommended Perthshire. It’s been a beautiful drive so far. I’ve already posted picture from along the River Tay. Today I crossed the River Dee on my way to Perth and spend one night here at a Dalvey B&B. This is the front […]

Friday night when I got home for the PostBox Jane was waiting up. She and I sat in the kitchen discussing my route to Aberdeen. It was suppose to rain so maybe the Highland Games in St Andrews wouldn’t be so much fun. She suggested I go to Balaster an see Balmoral Castle. A man […]

After three days exploring Edinburgh I picked up my rental car and took a seat behind my apple red of-Corsa. This is my first time in the UK and the first time driving on the left. I headed out on the road and immediately landed in a turn only lane when I needed to go […]